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Open-ended Fund Basics


Some individual investors tend to prefer short-term investments and tend to find profits in the short term. Therefore, investors are willing to accept very high risks to speculate and surf securities, gold, currency and real estate. Or there are investors who choose safe solutions such as sending banks with low interest rates. These forms are preferable to choose investment methods that are stable and effective in the long term such as putting money into open ended funds even though the profit of this type is not low.

According to DFVN's research, Vietnam's stock market has developed more steadily and sustainably since 2012; The first open-ended fund appeared in Vietnam in 2013. Since then, the value that fund management companies bring to investors through open-ended fund products is very remarkable, in the context Vietnam stock market has a lot of potential but is quite volatile in the short term and investment demand of potential customers is very large, almost unmet.

By the end of June 2019, the market had 28 active open-ended funds with a total asset value of VND 17,810 billion - accounting for about 0.3% of GDP. In developed countries, this rate is over 30%.