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Dai ichi Life Vietnam product honoured at Top 100 best products


Dai-ichi Life Vietnam's An Tam Hung Thinh Toan Dien product was voted as one of the Top 100 best products.

On June 28, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam was granted this award organised by Lao Dong & Xa Hoi Newspaper (Dan Sinh Electronic Newspaper) under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with Family and Children Magazine and Vietnam Family Newspaper.

“This award not only demonstrates the company's commitment to constantly innovating and improving products with pre-eminent, flexible, and diverse features and professional financial services recognised by the community, but also affirms the trust of Vietnamese customers in the leading Japanese brand for over 12 years. This is a great encouragement for Dai-ichi Life Vietnam in its effort of providing the true human values of life insurance to ensure a peaceful life and a bright future for customers and families, especially when the company is looking forward to celebrating the milestone of serving 3 million customers this year,” said Tran Dinh Quan, general director of Dai-ichi Life Vietnam.

An Tam Hung Thinh Toan Dien is the "Kaizen" generation of the Universal Life product line. As a new, innovated version with many advantages, An Tam Hung Thinh Toan Dien perfectly combines effective accumulation with comprehensive and flexible protection options, enabling customers to proactively plan their future at their fingertips.

With its reasonable premium, and a flexible term of 11-25 years, there are two options: basic insurance benefits for customers interested in savings and advanced insurance benefits for customers preferring protection. The product is designed for all customers and is especially suitable for the breadwinner in the family.

After 12 years of operations, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam has built a solid foundation and strong business network, holding the third position in the market with more than 290 offices, "covering" all 63 provinces in Vietnam and proudly serving more than 2.5 million customers through a team of more than 1,300 employees and 92,000 professional financial consultants.

Towards celebrating the milestone of serving 3 million customers, Dai-ichi Life Vietnam launches 2019 as the year of "Connecting for love” as a token of gratitude to customers and communities for their trust in the leading Japanese life insurance brand during the past 12 years. The message "Connecting millions of love" will be spread to customers and communities through various meaningful programmes and activities to bring better life and a bright future for each Vietnamese family.

First organised in 2013, the "Top 100 Best Products, Services for Families and Children" 2019 programme is an opportunity for families who directly use products and services, exercise their right to comment and evaluate products and services with manufacturers and traders of products and services for Vietnamese families and children, at the same time, helps families with further information to choose good quality products and services. In addition, this programme will help consumers have confidence when they trust to vote and, through careful consideration and evaluation of the Appraisal Council, to select the right products and services to be honoured every year.

Dai-ichi Life was founded in 1902 as Japan's first mutual life insurance company. It owns total assets worth $515 billion and earns insurance premium revenue of $64 billion (as of March 31, 2019). Besides Vietnam, Dai-ichi Life Group has been developing its life insurance business in numerous countries in Southeast Asia and Australia, among others.

As a subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Holdings Inc. and a member of Dai-ichi Life Group, Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company of Vietnam, Ltd. was established in January 2007. This is the first foreign market that Dai-ichi Life Group expands its business through a 100 per cent-owned subsidiary. It has received numerous awards for its practical contributions to the growth of the economy.

Dai-ichi Life Vietnam, a subsidiary of Dai-ichi Life Group, was honoured as one of the Top 100 Best Products and Services for Families and Children thanks to its An Tam Hung Thinh Toan Dien product, once again affirming the sustainable growth and credibility of the leading Japanese life insurance brand in Vietnam.