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Fund Overview

Fund structure  Open-ended fund
Inception day 3-Jan-2019
Life of the Fund Indefinite
Assets allocation  Equity: 50% - 100%
Cash and short-term deposit: 0% - 49%  
Management fee 1% NAV/year
Subscription modes Normal investment
Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
Trading frequency Once a week, on Tuesday (The T date)
Cut-off time 11:30 date T-1
Minimum subscription VND100,000 (one hundred)
Minimum redemption order (Unit) 10 Unit/order
Subscription fee (based on investment amount) Under VND 500 million
From VND 500 million to VND 1 bililion
From VND 1 bililion to VND 10 bililion
From VND 10 bililion
Redemption fee (based on holding period of the fund units) 06 months
From 06 months to 12 months
From 12 months to 18 months
From 18 months
Switching fee (based on switching amount)   0.3%
Investment objectives DFVN-CAF aims to generate capital and assets gains, striving to be higher than the growth rate of the Vietnam stock market (VN-Index) in the long term.
Investment strategy  DFVN-CAF invests into a diversified portfolio of listed Vietnam’s stocks by combined fundamental and technical analysis approach flexibly
Risk tolerance Medium/high
Investor characteristics Who have long-term investment orientation and/or systematic investment plan by allocating a portion of income to invest into the stock market to maximize return
Trading confirmation 03 days since trading day (T+3)
Payment date 05 days since trading day (T+5)
Dividend policy  Yearly (if any) according to General Investors Meeting decision
Custodian bank, supervisory bank and fund administrator  HSBC Bank Ltd. (Vietnam)
Transfer agency Vietnam Securities Depository
Distributors VDSC, BSC, VNSC, MAS
Auditor  PwC
Board of Fund Representatives - Mr.  Do Hung Viet – Chairman
- Mr. Huynh Van Dung - Member
- Mr. Nguyen Gia Huy Chuong - Member
Fund Managers - Mr. Dang Nguyen Truong Tai
- Ms. Tran Thi Anh Tram